Latest Technology

Vehicle specific wiring kits that plug directly into the vehicles digital network are becoming widely available for many modern applications allowing enhanced safety and towing related features to be made active.  This system enables your car to know when you are towing and make any necessary adjustments to maintain optimum performance and safety.

In many cases your vehicle will need to be re-coded, updating the towing software and allowing these features to operate, basically telling the vehicle it has been modified.  Express Towbars has the latest diagnostic equipment and software to re-code on site, thus completing the installation and avoiding the time and expense of a trip to your main dealer.

By fitting electric’s specifically designed for your vehicle you can take full advantage of the latest technology which may be built into your car such as; trailer stability program (TSP), rear fog lamp cut out, rear parking sensor deactivation (OE), trailer indicator failure warning, adaptive suspension system, adaptive cruise control, hill start assist and more.

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